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Safety Policy

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Reviewed Jan 2019

NOTE: This Safety Policy covers only those matters under the direct remit and control of BJSC. Accordingly, non members, families or guests or casual visitors are not considered in this Safety Policy.
CI = Chief Instructor or instructor in charge.  SI = Senior Instructor

Overall and final responsibility for safety rests with the safety Committee of the BJSC
The Principal and CI are responsible for preparing and reviewing a risk assessment of BJSC, drafting this safety policy and ensuring all the helpers are aware of the safety policy.
The Principal shall ensure that all teaching sessions are run by a suitably qualified Instructor.

All voluntary staff with first aid responsibilities will have the certificates recorded in their personal files by the management.
Children with difficulties to be assessed by Principal and instructors under supervision or the CI – notes made if necessary.
There is a first aid kit in the HUT and in each support boat.
All the qualified RYA Instructors and most volunteers are trained first aiders.
The Principal is responsible for ensuring that the first aid kits are checked and replenished as necessary – and new materials required, please report all usage to the Principal
The accident book is maintained.  All accidents are to be logged in the accident book. The Principal is to be informed of all accidents.
The emergency services or coastguards should be contacted if the beach master, instructors or volunteers are in ANY doubt about any injury or incident.

REGISTRATION – Beach master or club secretary usually takes the register.
All juniors and volunteers taking part must register and given a tally band before joining the session.

RED for 1st year students (Adults and children)
YELLOW for 2nd year students and those having more experience
GREEN for 3rd year and over who are considered experienced.

WHITE for all volunteers and instructors

Children are required to be brought to each session by a responsible adult*
On leaving the water all the participants will register back on shore to the beach master and hand in the band, so we can make sure all are safe. All members MUST sign out at the very end of each session (sanctions may be imposed if you do not comply).
The CI or person in charge for the session may not leave the club until all the bands have been accounted for.                             * Parent or guardian or someone named on the registration form.

Brixham Harbour Office 01803 853321 (Office hours only)

Solent Coastguard 01803 882704 (Brixham Coastguard) EMERGENCY VHF Channel 16
Tim Corbett (Principal) 01803 872414
or 07539 376831
Mike Inness 07971 421093 or 01803 842782

Normal communications using VHF channel 37 or M2 (Channel 72 as alternative)

Emergency Channel 16

At least one safety boat in the charge of suitably trained operators must be available at all times when training on the water is in progress. If between 6 and 15 dinghies are being used there must be at least two safety boats and if over 15 dinghies at least three safety boats available. If undergoing recreational sailing there should be at least one support boat available for each twelve dinghies afloat.

    1. There should be sufficient safety boats available to ensure that a safety boat can reach a capsized boat within 3 minutes 
    2. All safety boats should carry the following equipment: a VHF radio, paddles or oars, bucket or bailer, bridle secured with towing eyes, towline, bolt crops, thermal protective aid, watertight first aid kit containing large wound dressing  and triangular bandages, anchor chain and warp and either 2 orange smoke and pinpoint red or 2 day/night distress flares, throw line (warp).
    3. All personnel, whether in dinghies or in safety boats, should wear a buoyancy aid complying with the CE 50 Newton standard at all times. Non swimmers 150 Newton. Buoyancy will be checked at the start of the year and recorded on the application form that it complies and is a correct size. Children should be checked before launch.
    4. A kill cord must be used at all times when the engine is on. Spare in the canister.
    5. Each student should have his/her sailing assessed before being allowed to go out in a dinghy alone
    6. All participants should be suitably dressed for the activity they intend to take part in, with long hair tied up.

See training manual….
All instructors and safety boat coxswains shall be briefed on these sailing areas. The person in charge of each session shall decide which areas to use and brief the Instructors and support staff accordingly, taking into account such things as the present weather, the weather forecast and the tide.

All boats must proceed in a safe manner to the Oxen Cove slipway and inform the Principal or CI or IC that they are safe. Abandonment can be instigated by any qualified volunteer on the water for any reason – debriefing will follow.
The signal is multiple short sound blasts by any means available – all safety boats should copy this signal to reinforce the message.
Please note abandoning may be used at any time but normally for emergencies.
Standard de-registration, tally system, will apply during any emergency  - THIS IS IMPORTANT.

Principal & Safety Boat Officer (SBO) Tim Corbett

Chief Senior Instructor and Powerboat instructor Mike Inness

Chief Powerboat Instructor Tim Corbett

 Other Instructors and assistant instructors.

Senior Instructors : Ross Brown

Dinghy Instructors : Neil Pearce, Jess Churchill, Paul Jaycock, Jordan French, Haps Morgan, Tom Hollyoak.( Others occasionally , Mark Smith, Chris Head, Cameron Williams, Abbey Hill, Tom Plumridge)

Powerboat Instructors Tim Corbett

 All Instructors must hold valid First Aid and RYA Level 2 powerboat certificates and Safety boat certificates.

 Assistant dinghy Instructors :  Phil Jackson, Jade Hill, George Baldwin.